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The sound of family.

Man, did this guy loved music. He listened to it, he wrote it, he sang it, he lived it. This is my brother, Michael. All of his friends called him Buford. He passed away a short time ago. He was 3 days from turning 64. If itʼs one thing I can say for Michael itʼs that he lived the way he wanted to. He had a lot of fun and he did things his way. I donʼt think that he had any regrets.

Retouched photo

He had a great sense of humor. One fall my sisters, Rosie and Regina, and Michael and I went to the Adirondacks for the weekend. Rosie drove us around site seeing for hours. Michael told jokes the whole time, one after another, we laughed and laughed while we rode down every backroad.

He had a big heart and could play rockin' blues like nobody's business. Every weekend he would be booked at a local bar or volunteering to play at a benefit for someone in need. Holiday time he would be a children's hospital dressed as Santa.

Original photo

Michael could, sometimes, be a tough cookie to get along with (can't we all?) but, I loved him and I miss him very much. I never got the chance to take an in studio portrait of Michael so I dug out a photo from a few years ago that I had taken. The photo was taken outdoors and not in the lighting set up that I would normally use for my style of portraits. As you can see, I made a lot of adjustments and I love the way it turned out. I have three sisters and two other brothers. This portrait will make a nice gift for each of them to remember Michael by.

Don't Wait.

I am always happy to hear from people that want portraits of the dreamers in their lives. I'm flexible with time and am available to come set up wherever you are. Or you are welcome to come to my studio. Please call or email me and we can talk further.

P 315-521-3993


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