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Any Toddlers in Your Life?

They certainly are one of the most delectable subjects to photograph. With those cheeks and round little arms and legs and smiles that make you melt. Not always the easiest to catch but, well worth it when you do. Toddlers. Possibly the cutest category on the planet.

Be ready to capture those expressions.

toddler photos
Those cheeks, right?

(above) This is my grandson, Soleil meaning sun. We call him LayLay for short. He was born on Valentine’s Day so I call him my “Little Heart”. Trucks, dinosaurs, apple juice and his binky - that's his world.

Candids with these cuties always deliver.

Toys in a photo shoot can bring out those natural smiles.

They don't sit for long so I have to be quick and ready.

Do you have a toddler in your life that you love taking photos of? I've listed some tips below to help you in capturing those special ones.

Tips for photographing rambunctious toddlers:

  1. Let them get comfortable. Sing songs. Play with them.

  2. Have some eye-catching, noise making, smile-making toys on hand.

  3. Engage with them to get reactions. Don't be afraid to act the fool.

  4. Candids are awesome. Always be ready.

  5. Shoot many and fast. If you know any toddlers you know that they kind of run the show. When they are done, they are done. There's no making them smile or laugh if they aren't into it.

  6. And even though it's nice to pull out your phone at dinner and show photos to friends, it's also wonderful to print them out and display them in your home.

Large acrylic prints are one of the beautiful products that I offer. Black and white always fits with any decor.

Scheduling Professional Portraits

I'd love to create portraits for you to cherish forever and ever. Portraits that can be printed and framed and displayed in your home. And when you pass it by you stop, then a feeling comes over you that makes your heart so happy.

If you are thinking of booking a session for your little one(s), or the whole family, or maybe just you, give me a call or text. Or if you have questions about my services and the beautiful products that I offer I would be very happy to talk with you.

P 315.521.3993 E

Please don't wait

Time really does fly. Kids grow up. Parents turn to grandparents. And time goes on. Don't wait. And print those photos. Yes, the ones trapped in your phone.

Stay safe. Keep the faith.

P 315.521.3993 E

Thank you for reading my blog. See you soon.

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Sly Gittens
Sly Gittens
Jan 08, 2023


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