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kind words

This is Janet's family.


"I’ve known Mary for many years. I know she has an outstanding reputation as a creative artist and photographer. I also know she has a warm and personable demeanor, a wonderful sense of humor and a gift for creating beautifully-crafted photographs – the kind that are destined to become cherished heirlooms. So when my siblings and I decided to give our 96-year-old mother a portrait of us – her four children, I quickly enlisted Mary to capture the image that would make my mom’s Christmas gift a very special one.  And Mary did not disappoint. Her professional calm made us feel at ease throughout the entire shooting process. She attended to the tiniest details (a flyaway hair, a crooked necklace) with unruffled patience. The resulting photographs are wonderful.


My brother, sisters and I hadn’t had a professional portrait taken since we were children – and looking at Mary’s stunning work, I sincerely wish we hadn’t waited so long. I will cherish these photographs forever."

                        — Janet Ekis

This is Sophia.


"Mary has been in my life since I was very young. She has taken pictures of me in middle school, my senior portraits, my wedding, and now my children's portraits. She has always made us feel very comfortable. Her work is incredible!

Sophia absolutely loved her photo with the frog on her hand! She was amazed at how Mary could do that. She also thought she looked so beautiful."

                        —  Sophia's mom, Adrienne

This is Bud.

Bud 2.jpg

“Mary has a wonderful way with seniors, and it showed from the moment she said hello to my 93-year-old father. He was put at ease, loved sharing stories about his life and smiled like I never saw him smile before. Mary is as talented with putting people at ease as she is with a camera!


My father had a wonderful experience having his portrait taken and was incredibly proud of the resulting photos. It was as much a treasure to him as it was to his family to capture this precious moment in time. It was wonderful to see my family’s reaction to the series of portraits. My Marine nephew wanted the veteran shot, my kids wanted the wedding shot so they could have something to remember both grandma and grandpa and, of course, I loved the bowling shot, since that is a pastime I shared with my dad.


Mary makes it easy to capture irreplaceable moments with your loved ones. For the quality alone, her portraits are worth twice the price. But for the memories they capture, they are simply priceless.”

                        —  Buds' son, Mike

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