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My "15 minutes."

If you're from the Rochester, NY, area, you probably recognize this face. Doug Emblidge from 13 WHAM recently came to my neck of the woods during a photo shoot at Wayne County Nursing Home to talk to me for one of his “Someone You Should Know” segments.

Doug Emblidge 13WHAM

Nervous? Oh, yes! In general, photographers like being behind the camera. Especially when it’s video. But Doug was so personable and put me at ease—and I took a lot of pointers from him for my own efforts in making my clients feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera. Nervousness is a real thing, and being on the receiving end of the camera made me more empathetic toward people having their portraits done.

How did Doug hear about me?

A very big, giant, heartfelt thank-you hug to Lauren Dixon and Mike Schwabl, who told him about my new venture. In my interview (which should air this month, I'll let you know when), one of the first questions he asks me is “You’re 58 and starting a new business. Why?” Why? Because portraits are my passion. I've always wanted my own business, and if not now, when?

And, of course, don't forget the cameraman. This is Mark. He and Doug have worked together for many, many years. Hearing them talk to each other during the shoot sounded like old friends. Mark told me he volunteers at nearby nursing homes as a minister to the residents. I’m surrounded by sweet people.

Cameraman, Mark Schuman

Don't wait.

I am always happy to hear from people that want portraits of the dreamers in their lives. I'm flexible with time and am available to come set up wherever you are or you are welcome to come to my studio. Please call or email me and we can talk further.

P 315-521-3993


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