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Dinosaurs, Goldfish and cutie pies.

This is Leo and Owen, the Browar brothers.

When it comes to getting great portraits of kids, you have to go with the flow. They will let you know when it's time to shoot. If they gotta run, they gotta run. If they need a little distraction (like Goldfish crackers), then so be it. So, in between these cutie pie smiles were bouts of running, jumping, hootin' and hollerin' (kid-style), dinosaur talkin' and cracker snackin'.

In the end we got some absolutely beautiful portraits AND some bonus "Moments in Life" shots. Look at those faces! Gorgeous.

Chairs for the little ones: I have quit a few. I can't resist picking them up for a great price. And, yay, this one finally came in handy for these little guys. Just the right size, I'd say.

Moments in Life shots.

We can all get ants in our pants while posing for our portraits. So we run a little. Have some Triceratops time (yes, I had to look that one up.) Then, hunger strikes. So out come the Goldfish crackers (a timeless favorite.) Needless to say, some of the photos had a few cracker remnants on cute faces that were edited out for final portraits. Then there were cracker faces that just made great candids. So I kept them. Set them free and they will make great photos for you.

And always, always get that family shot. Thank you so much, Will and Annie for letting me photograph your little sweethearts. It was a pleasure.


Do you have a special Dreamer in your life that you would love to have a beautiful portrait of. Or maybe take a portrait of them to give for a gift.

Don't wait.

I am always happy to hear from people that want portraits of the dreamers in their lives. I'm flexible with time and am available to come set up wherever you are or you are welcome to come to my studio.

Please call or email me and we can talk further. P 315-5221.9903 E

Thank you for reading my blog. I'll see you next month. #familyportraits #bigandlittledreamers #marycdportraits #heirloomphots #rembrandtphoto #costumeportraits #Halloween #agingparents #grandparents

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